Trading rules

There are some unwritten rules of trading which are related to human psychology. These rules might change you trading experience and you can start making profits after learning them. Feel free to watch the video below:

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis allows us to identify the trends and act according to them. We can estimate the future in financial markets by using some tools. There are more than 1000s of trading patterns, indicators, oscillators and candlestick patterns that allow us to predict the future pricing of a trading instrument. You can get more information by watching the videos below:


Fundamental analysis consists of the economic events and macro-economic strides.   Economic announcements, changes in government policies, war threats and etc. affects the market. In order to be a successful trader, investors need to follow the news. Net Global Markets summarizes all the important events on Economic Calendar page (will be linked to the economic calendar page) or Financial News page( will be linked to the news page) . You can get more information by watching the videos below:

Trading strategies

Feel free to watch the video in order to learn more about trading strategies :

Private Technical Analysis

We provide daily signals and analysis for all of our fellow investors. Each and every investor has their own favorite trading instruments but unfortunately NGM Analysis Department cannot analyze all the financial instrument since there are more than 1000s of them. Net Global Markets offers to give daily, weekly or monthly analysis and signal on specific instruments that you are interested in.