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What is Forex?

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange and it is the biggest financial market in the world with a daily trading volume of $5.5 trillion.  With the assistance of leverage system Forex Market is a great tool for investments and secondary/primary income. By trading with Net Global Markets, you will be avoiding the high commissions, spreads and swap rates. We guarantee the lowest fees in the market and we offer to change the fees if anyone can find a better deal.

Example for Forex trading:

Let’s assume we are on GBP/USD sell position. (Required margin is 50%) The entry price was 1.35220 and we assume the price will go down to 1.35120. The difference is 10 Points. In order to find how much profit we will make, we have to multiply the difference in prices (10points) by the size of our position. Let’s assume we have bought 2 CFDs . So our profit will be $200. 1 CFD (lot) is equal to Currency 100,000. If we sell 2 lots, that means we had $270,440 and after the price drop, now we have $270,240 which gives us a profit of $200